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Conservative Party Nemesis

The broadcast and online media are full of the Nemesis of Chris Huhne today, and some of it makes pretty tragic reading (witness, for example, the unsparing exchange of texts between Huhne and his estranged son).  However, once the personal tragedy has been covered it is the nemesis facing the Tory Party that should really garner interest.  Huhne's travails have granted them a by-election in a former Tory safe seat at just the time that the battle for the soul of Toryism is crescendoing once again. 

The rising tide of opposition to the Gay Marriage proposals and the need to placate the virtually unplacatable euro-sceptics, coupled with some pretty appalling party management in and outside parliament, have led David Cameron to this point - that a victory in Eastleigh is urgently needed, but even if it is obtained it will only stop the grumbling temporarily, not permanently.  It might also showcase the electoral problem he will face on the current boundaries in 2015.

There have be…