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As Paris faces terror again, has liberalism failed?

The western world is full of the distractions that our prosperity and liberal values allow.So much so, that for the most part we forget that we are at war.Then along comes a tragedy like the Paris attacks yesterday night, and for a few days – sometimes even weeks – we remember again about our war.
It is a war like no others before it.It doesn’t often come onto our soil, but it pervades our governments’ and security forces’ actions almost in total. Our military forces are nearly exclusively engaged in military action in the middle east; our security services dedicate the majority of their attention to threats from that same middle east.
But this isn’t just a one-sided military war.It is a culture war too.It is a war of liberalism versus fundamentalism, and the hinterland of this cultural dimension is at the heart of fears about the refugee crisis dominating Europe.
There is no clear resolution.Well, there is no clear resolution that commands political support.On our own domestic front…