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The Last One Nation Champion

There's much talk in the airwaves of this Cabinet reshuffle being a "massacre of the moderates", but this is nonsense.  The moderates in the Tory Party were massacred years ago, not so much by any specific leader or reshuffle, but more by the gradual erosion wrought by an off the leash grassroots party which has been selecting Thatcherite true believers to replace retiring One Nationers.  The only real remnant of the creed in the Cameron cabinet was Ken Clarke, and now age has brought him down too.

The retirement of Mr. Clarke is occasioning much comment, amongst the most useful and perceptive of which is this piece by Alex Massie for the Spectator.  He has been a little out on a limb recently, despite his illustrious career, but it is worth reflecting on what the Conservatives have lost from their front line.  Ken Clarke was, first and foremost, one of the very few leading Tories with a positive appeal amongst an overwhelmingly sceptical electorate.  He was, of course,…