Sunday Round-Up

The First Post has an excellent digest of the Sunday Papers here.

Of note are the following stories:

The Tories have announced a proposal for 'green' taxes on domestic flights, thus seeking to reinforce their environmental credentials. They've even invited Al Gore to address the shadow cabinet on Thursday! Particularly useful for A2 students working out how to answer the question about what conservatism stands for today! (Sunday Telegraph here, and pretty well every other news outlet including BBC here).

The Observer publishes a major story concerning the dismal treatment being meted out to soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems that the government is happy to send them to fight, but not so happy to deal with the collateral damage when they returned in less than full fighting health. It is a grotesque story, and worth reading here. (What with this story, and the Levy exclusive last week, the Guardian titles are rapidly becoming my favourite papers!)

No worries on the health front for Gordon Brown though. The man who would like to abolish private health care has just been in for some private dental treatment! They'll be telling us next that Labour ministers send their children to grammar and independent schools.....ah...but of course they do!
Lord Levy could face a prison sentence, according to the Sunday Times, which claims he asked Downing Street advisers to lie to police about his involvement with honours.

Prince Charles understands that, as a constitutional monarch, he cannot meddle in political affairs, reports the Sunday Express today, in another world beating exclusive.

And for all you unreconstructed homophobes out there, I'm sure you'll love the story that, since the abolition of Section 28, some local authorities are about to try out new, gay-friendly reading books in primary schools. Titles include 'King and King', about a prince whose mother introduces him to lots of princesses only to have him fall in love with one of their brothers; and 'Tango makes three', a story about two male penguins who acquire a baby penguin in the zoo. Hmmm. Frankly any story with talking animals is nauseous whatever the story premise!


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