Keeping Good MPs

An entertaining meal with an old political friend today yielded much fascinating political gossip, most of which can't be repeated even on such a significantly unread blog as this one. But we did, in passing, refer to the Tory campaign in the Sussex constituency of Lewes, which my Conservative endorsing friend had given some passing help to. His efforts won't bear any fruit, and don't actually deserve to, as the sitting MP for Lewes is the Liberal Democrat Norman Baker. Tory though I be, I would vote for Baker if I lived in Lewes, as he is one of the few consistently independent minded MP's left. A doughty campaigner for integrity in politics, he is usually willing to break ranks with the closed parliamentary shop when it comes to shopping corrupt MPs. This has made him a somewhat isolated figure - one source says that the fruits of Baker's activities - other than a greater transparency in parliament for the public - is that Baker can often be seen eating and drinking alone in the Commons bars. Party allegiances are less strong than the need to draw a veil over our representatives' trough cleaning it seems, and Baker has paid the price, but this is why we need him to stay in the Commons. The Tories shouldn't be trying to get rid of one of the few decent MPs left - a genuine tribune of the people. They should fold up their campaign and support him instead!


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