Clinton's Comeback

She's done it again. Beaten the predictions of the pundits and forged back into the race just when everyone was saying that Barack Obama's momentum was unstoppable. Winning Ohio and Texas were significant victories for Hillary Clinton, although she remains behind - by about 100 - in the delegate count. This Democratic race looks as if it will go to the convention floor, and that is good news for the later voting states. There was a tendency for the Obama-ites to suggest that Clinton should withdraw from the race if she didn't win yesterday, but that would have deprived Pennsylvania and other states of having their say. Democracy is served by this two-person race continuing, and the Democratic party continues to garner more interest than the Republicans. Pity poor John McCain, incidentally, who has to go to the White House to receive George W's blessing. He must be hoping that one gets buried amidst other news items at any rate.

Clinton's campaign has also been broadcasting a Jack Nicholson ad on Youtube (see below). Featuring brief scenes from some of his films, there are two classic 'A Few Good Men' moments, particularly the one where, as the bonkers colonel, he talks about how sexy saluting a female senior officer is and says that, because he's a colonel, he'll 'just have to keep taking a cold shower in the mornings until they elect some gal president'.... Nice one Hill! Nicholson looks old and weatherbeaten, mind you, when he appears at the end to endorse the video! Clinton also did a good stint on the Daily Show too (second video below)! My, my, if the election doesn't go her way it looks as if light entertainment could be beckoning!


Ben Ross said…
Clinton did a good stint at the daily show? I thought it was embarassing to watch, as did Jon Stewart remarking on it the next day. For reference, "". every episode uploaded daily, almost every clip from the last 10 years is available online as well.

On the election, i dont think the two horse race is doing anything good for the democrat party. Both candidates are tearing each other apart and as it is in American media, we learn more about a candidates weaknesses than his/her strengths. Currently both candidates are doing McCains dirty work whilst he looks clean and lovely...and if you note, riding higher in the polls than either candidate in a "who do you want to be the next president?".
GM said…
I thought she did ok. Stewart was trying to make up for having been a bit of an arse-licker on his next show - hence all the jibes.
DCarnell said…
Sorry GM, I'm with Ben on this one. The DAily Show interview was fairly cringeworthy.

The extended Democratic nomination procedure can be a benefit to them if they stop throwing mud at each other long enough to keep Democrat policy in the spotlight. Instead of highlighting the differences between what is essentially the same Medicaid plan, use the opportunity to highlight how McCain doesn't even have one!
C H Daly said…
The Democrat election appears as if it will be decided by the almost 800 'superdelegates'. The political commentator Dan Abrams has criticised this electoral process arguing that "Each of the superdelegates' votes is not equivalent to about 10,000 Democratic voters" and he's dead right since these people hold no mandate from the electorate.

Also is anyone else out there annoyed that the only American coverage you can get of the election is courtesy of Fox News? I quite enjoyed the fleet of attractive 20-something news anchors and endless Democrat-baiting for the first few weeks of the primaries, but it getting rather tedious now.
Ben Ross said…
There is the NBC equivalent available on sky digital, i watched that a bit (when i had sky digital) but much prefer the coverage fox news offers. If just for comedic value.

The superdelegates wont decide the vote, a majority still haven't decided who they will vote for and it seems apparant they will wait until the popular votes have been counted before making a decision. Avoiding any quiet fears that Clinton may take the democratic party to court.

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