Murdoch's Mischief

The Spectator's blog has a short piece on why Rupert Murdoch pulled the plug on Kelvin MacKenzie, and a bit of division in the Murdoch family.


Pier said…
It makes sense, but given the fact Labour are unlikely to run a candidate (beautifully summarised here:, has Murdoch shot the Tories in the foot?

If Davis is arguing about CCTV, DNA, ID Cards and 42 day detention with the MRLP and Beauties4Britain, he will look like a complete tool (and rightly so).

For the sake of party unity, perhaps it is a good idea that Davis does take a fall, but will the rest of the party not be marred by his stunt (which it will be, given if he runs against himself, its hardly the show of defiance he will have wanted)?

If Kelvin ran, he would at least be granted a serious debate, which, given the opponent, he would most likely come out on top and would gain more column inches than his exploits will now.

Not an endorsement, just a thought.

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