Credit Crunch Biting?

I did see a pub notice today advertising "Credit Crunch Specials" for their cut-price meal deals, and a little humour doesn't come amiss. The 'First Post' headline above may be over-doing it (click the image for their story), but if you've ever wondered why Gordon Brown, and most western incumbents, might just prove unelectable over the next couple of years, it may give a clue.


consultant said…
This is somewhat far-fetched. My own faceless City giant of an employer, in common with all major organisations like it, has instituted a drive to encourage people to print on both sides of the page. This is nothing to do with cost-saving though - we're not yet on the breadline, with my own department recently posting an 84% profit increase - rather it is because many city institutions have swallowed the "green agenda" whole and are desperately looking for ways to appear more environmentally friendly. Printing on both sides of the sheet saves paper, saving paper looks socially responsible. Simple as that.
GM said…
Thought so. And thanks for keeping us up to date with the surely wholly acceptable face of capitalism!!

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