Flames and Facebook

And the big news from Surrey this rainy morning is that Waitrose in Banstead has been destroyed by a fire. Flames swept the building last night, and comments swept facebook almost as quickly, which happened to be where I first heard about it. This, of course, is because Waitrose is the hub of so much life in Banstead and the surrounding area, and SGS has its share of commitment to it, from sixth form workers arranging the now burnt out vegetable shelves, to members of staff doing their weekly shop. What will they all do with Christmas just around the corner? Facebook, meanwhile, proves its worth as a useful community news tool.


Comrade Major said…
Like the Wizard Man of Sutton affair, if you heard anything of that.
Duncan H said…
I would be away in Bath for the weekend when it happened, wouldn't I? How happy I was to hear it had gone. Some of the worst Saturdays of my life were spent in that place.

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