Does the BBC Now Love Thatcher?

The normally sound First Post has a rather over-egged story on their pages at the moment. Considering both the forthcoming docu-drama on Thatcher's fall from power this Thursday (an obvious must for politics students and general viewers alike) and the release of some rather old memos, FP have decided that the BBC, once considered so hostile to Thatcher, is actually having a little love-in with her. Unfortunately, the text of the documents doesn't really bear this out. Yes, they are almost all very complimentary about the future Iron Lady. But they do seem to date from the 1950s to the 1970s, and the comments are generally anodyne ones about Thatcher's feminine appearance! Hardly the stuff of political love-ins! And, of course, a verdict on just how sympathetic the drama is going to be has to wait until Thursday.

Mind you, Conservative blogger Iain Dale is thoroughly excited by this BBC collection of Thatcher archival material. For those unreconstructed anti-Thatcherites, you might take joy and comfort in the Panorama report about her evil removal of free school milk from the mouths of innocent children.


Anonymous said…
That milk always left your hands smelling like shit anyway. Thatcher the milk snatcher, I salute you.

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