Osborne's Question Time

Having been quite critical of George Osborne's performance in his Newsnight interview with Jeremy Paxman, it seems only fair now to note that his Question Time performance seemed far more assured - he managed to combine convincing advocacy with a degree of electoral humility that worked well, I thought. There were also moments when the determinedly non-partisan Ian Hislop was holding more than a candle for the Tories, in a heated exchange with Yvette Cooper. And a final plus point for Osborne, who sneakily wondered aloud whether David Dimbleby would follow Bruce Forsyth's example and take a BBC pay cut.


Anonymous said…
Although the Lib Dems are clearly not going to be a major factor in the election, surely Sarah Tether's performance only strengthened their prospects of leap-frogging Labour in the near future! Do you agree Garshall?
GM said…
Actually, she was for the first time reasonably impressive - not something that can always be said about her! Another example of someone who got into parliament too young, and has taken a while to mature. But the Libs need more than one or two half decent performers - they need vision, and a leader who can communicate it. they don't have either at present!

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