And the British Right Move On To the Attack

Conservative Home's Tim Montgomerie has identified ten 'attack' pieces towards the Coalition in today's Daily Mail. His conclusion?

Part of the Coalition's problem is that the Right lost out in the post-election reshuffle. Chris Grayling and Nick Herbert, for example, are voices that are now rarely heard but would be useful in reassuring the Mail and the increasingly anxious Sun.....Cameron needs to love his party and natural supporters now, as protection for the unpopularity that will come when the cuts start to bite.

As Cameron and Clegg press ahead with their extraordinary coalition experiment, seeking to bring a new sharpness to the British centre, so they will both feel the heat of the right. Cameron's party, with Conservative Home in the lead and and the denizens of the right-wing commentariat as heralds, will demand more right-wing policies to define the government they believe should be theirs and theirs alone. The Liberals will face a pincer movement from both a right that wants to decimate them and their impact on Cameron, and a left that is furious it lacked the strategy or drive to do their own deal. It's been a nice honeymoon for Cameron and Clegg, but the end is clearly in sight.


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