It's Only Politics

As another term begins, and another round of trying to explain the political world to neophytes starts, it's good to see that the old idealistic adage that politics is really about issues, and not personalities is.....completely untrue. A quick look at the top-rated stories of the last few days gives us, in no particular order:

- Former Prime Minister blasts closest colleague and successor;
- Foreign Secretary shared hotel room with adviser and has to announce he's NOT GAY!
- Prime Minister's Press Secretary - and former Murdoch editor - embroiled in phone-tapping scandal.

A little further down the list is the Labour leadership election, not causing as many waves as it should, possibly because all of the candidates have been rather over-powered by the neatly timed Blair memoirs and a difficulty in distinguishing themselves from each other apart from a chorus of "We're not Blair".

These may of course be the fag end of the annual summer 'silly season' stories, and there's no shortage of policy issues to dominate more thoughtful news headlines, from 'free schools' to constitutional change, but with a tabloid press and gossip blogging sites in competition for the sleaziest stories, I wouldn't bet on actual policies taking up too much space any time soon!


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