Headline Agreement

The Spending Review was so clear that there can be absolute agreement on who the cuts are hitting........er, not.


Just thinking straight said…
Well, different papers, with different agendas, will always try to present their views to the public in a way that will suit them the most. After all, it is not as if papers are politically neautral.
Though, I must beg the question, should papers be politically neautral? The spending review is just a bit of a deal in the U.K. and if cetain newspapers represent their views in certain ways, then they can really have an effect on the votesr choices.
GM said…
An interesting question, given the responsibility of broadcasters to be neutral (something that Rupert Murdoch is keen to over-turn). On the whole, I think the bias of newspapers is well enough known for readers to interpret their 'news' accordingly, although I may be being unduly positive about the average newspaper reader.
Anonymous said…
Generally research shows papers reflect views; you pick up the one that adopts your already-held preconceptions. They actually change little.

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