Friday, June 22, 2012

Abe Lincoln - 19th Century Superhero

So Seth Grahame-Smith, the screenwriter of the new "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire slayer" movie, has this to say about one of America's most venerated presidents:

“The man’s life is a 19th century super hero story. He comes from nothing, has no education, no money, lives in the middle of nowhere on the frontier. And despite the fact that he suffers one tragedy and one setback after another, through sheer force of will, he becomes something extraordinary: not only the president but the person who almost single-handedly united the country.”

The full story - about how some Lincoln scholars think the weird film's depiction is actually pretty historically good, is on the Daily Beast website.


DJY said...

An interesting article. Sometimes I think that Lincoln is the USA's answer to Winston Churchill (who of course was half-American!) as an iconic national - wartime - hero who perhaps is not scrutinised as objectively as he could be.

The depiction in "Team of Rivals," mentioned in the article, is a case in point - a great man of course, but surely everyone has their flaws, despite what Goodwin would have you believe. In some ways the more 'complex' characters of Seward and Chase are more interesting.

Do you rate the book? Am I just being too cynical, as usual?

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