Tom Watson and the Paedophile Ring

The Labour MP Tom Watson doesn't tend to say or do much that isn't calculated to bring him maximum publicity, but even in these times of Savile-hysteria it is difficult to see quite what persuaded the honourable gentleman to raise some old allegations of a paedophile ring in PMQs today.  Watson claimed to have heard something about a 1992 convicted paedophile who then made claims about yet more senior figures, including a prime-ministerial aide, being involved.  Presumably Watson is aware of the wild allegations surrounding former Tory PM Edward Heath, but this dated and outlandish allusion goes beyond even his well known capacity for shit stirring.

Watch the video on the BBC news site here, and you'll see Cameron's incredulous expression as Watson seeks to gain more publicity for himself with his tortuous question.

UPDATE:  Should have gone to the Guido Fawkes blog before writing this after all!  Turns out Watson was referring to the well known allegations against former Thatcher aide Peter Morrison.  These, to be fair, are quite well documented as the Guido blog points out.  I remember one friend, whose mother was a paediatrician in Cheshire at the time, mentioning how her mother had had to deal professionally with one of Morrison's victims.  Unpleasant stuff indeed, and arguably even more disquieting than the Savile row.  Morrison went on to manage Thatcher's last, failed leadership campaign, reassuring her that Heseltine would never have the votes to force a second round in 1990.  


Frank Jackson said…
Details of the St John ambulance paedophile protection network are here:

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