Eurovision Fall-Out

It was not just a high-camp evening of dubious musical ability.  Last night's Eurovision Song Contest was also thoroughly political, with the western liberal audience of Copenhagen booing everytime Russia gained points, and a thorough victory for the ultimate symbol of western sexual tolerance, a bearded transvestite of ambiguous sexuality. 

Some right-wing British commentators are noting that the people's phone-in vote has been shafted by the vote of the euro-appointed professional jury - apparently the British people wanted Poland's saucy milkmaids to win, but the euro-elite took it on themselves to award our big points to the Austrian bearded one.  Meanwhile, the Russians are furious, and our old friend the ultra-nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a man who makes Vladimir Putin look like a particularly weak human incarnation of a wilting violet, has been calling down vengeance on Europe.  He has also suggested that the Soviets should never have bothered freeing Austria at the end of the Second World War.  Freeing?  That's what they call the Soviet action now is it?

Nevertheless, there was one organisation determined to maintain political decorum throughout the evening, as they tweeted useful political insights throughout.  Yes, @NottsPolitics, the twitter account of the Nottingham University politics department (whose admirable blog is here), kept us going with tweets of this ilk:

And if that doesn't persuade sixth formers to seriously consider Nottingham for their politics degrees, I don't know what will.


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