Reid - No Challenge to Brown

According to online magazine the First Post, John Reid has privately assured Gordon Brown that he will not challenge him for the Labour leadership. Reid seems to have worked out that he simply would not have the support - which is probably true as most of those who want him to run seem to be Tory commentators trying to stir up dissension - and that the best way of staying in his post for more than one more year is to make peace with the next almost-certain leader.

In the same article, the First Post notes that Brown used the weekend's Cheltenham book Festival to talk ideas and humanity. He also apparently ruled out bringing in a written constitution. Both Brown and Cameron, interestingly, have both been flying flags about constitutional change, to the effect that they want to strengthen parliament and limit the powers of the executive. But then, politicians who aren't Prime Minister are often interested in that sort of change - until they reach the highest office themselves and somehow leave their reforming instincts at the door. It was Lord Hailsham who, in opposition, made disparaging comments about living under an 'elective dictatorship'. Safely back in office, as Margaret Thatcher's Lord Chancellor, we didn't hear much more from his reforming lordship on that issue!


Occultus said…
Brown won't want a written constitution because he is as dedicated to controlling everything as Mr. Blair. Worse, possibly. However, the discussion on whether to have a constitution is important, and I will be making my views clear in lessons. Obviously, you won't actually know who I am though, and the debate about my identity is, in the end, always going to be inconclusive.

Yours peacefully,

Occultus (not the band!)
Aftab said…
I wonder who this could be...
M.Pester said…
Whoever Occultus is, he needs better things to do.

Aside from that, so much for "no coronations". I find it somewhat depressing that no one wants to stand against Brown, while to the best of my knowledge the post of Deputy Prime Minister is inundated with applicants. "Making peace" with the "almost-cerain leader" sounds suspiciously like kneeling down and watching King Blair crown his heir to the throne, Gordon Brown,.In short, a poor show for a democratic party.

I'd like to see someone make a significant fight of it, not least because the look on Brown's face if he lost would be priceless. But that's the world of fantasy, it seems- and in an environment where Brown *will* be the next leader I can't see him limiting his own powers.

- Lestaki, with much pomp
Occultus said…
I'm afraid a terrible act has occurred. I have just read a comment, allegedly by 'Occultus'. However, this seems odd when it is in fact I who is Occultus. Gentlemen, we have an imposter in the ranks and i demand that he who has stolen my identity be caught and sufficiently punished.

Yours peacefully,

C H Daly said…
Hmmm I find myself nodding at the monitor at Mr. Pester's point regarding the lack of any competition for the post. The title being bestowed upon Brown clearly without any formal and fighting opposition really as of yet.

But then perhaps this a Labour government being pushed into an unlikely comradeship under the single banner of defeating Cameron at the next election. Mabye, Reid and his would be band of swashbuckling rebels appreciate that a rapidly (after Blair) united Labour government is the only form that will beat Cameron's glossy, new, superificial alternative.

Moreover, of course as GM mentions in the blog, Reid could just be acting as a pouffe (excuse the lack of an accent on the e) so as to secure his desired place in Brown's cabinet when the time comes to handover.

On a far less important but it seems more popular note, Occultus has been demasked as a result of comparisons between work from his exercise book and similar English being used in his blog posts. Perhaps, he would do well in future to think through his future posts and not make so blatantly obvious his quite iconic use of the English language!
GM said…
Reveal all Mr. Daly, since you seem to know - who is occultus??!!

And Mr. Pester is right - coronations are not good news for democratic parties, but how interesting that they are becoming more common - just witness the coronation not long ago of Michael Howard by a Tory party which clearly didn't trust its members!
warchild said…
"I can't conceal my agitation
Must reveal my revelation;
I stand, wounded,yes it's true
Might be I'm just like you"...........

the REAL warchild.
warchild said…
Apparently the rumormills never take a vacation. Occultus is not who you think... WANT NAMES?? honey we know the NAMES... what if everything around you, isn't quite as it seems? You can use your illusions let it take you where it may...

Don't believe everything you hear, and only half of what you see. The truth will emerge, if you want to see it...some don't, they feed vicariously on lies.

All you'll need is patience. Patience is a virtue, I have none.. but I read that in the Bible, so it must be true, like everything in the newspapers and on TV..right? Don't believe everything you see and hear, if you want to TRY and retain some resemblance of sanity.. Me? I'm on meds..that's my excuse.

Our Scripture verse for today is.......
"Know thy the truth, the truth shall make thee insane.

the REAL warchild.
Yo no sé quién occultus es pero ellos son mi banda favorita aquí en España. yo absolutamente <3 su cain de canción y abel mecen los calcetines. blair es da brillo.
Administrator said…
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operator said…
administrator is a hoax do not listen to him he is childish and does not like occultus
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