Self Censored

A great pity in many ways, but half-assed MP Sion Simon has now deleted the video of his cringe-inducing piece of 'satire' aping Webcameron. So no more can we upload that well thought out comment "Want to sleep with my wife? Come on down, then. Want my kids? No problem". We'll just have to laugh at the memory. Apparently, though, Simon gave a self-destroying interview on Sky News which has been posted here.

NB The MP who actually posted the video on YouTube, Tom Watson, has apologised 'unreservedly'!

Another NB Watson and Simon were the ring-leaders in the Brownite attempt to get Blair to resign before party conference. And we wonder why it failed? With friends like these, Brown needs to be very worried!


C H Daly said…
One can only look on in dismay. I am shocked that Simon acted so stupidly given his journalistic backround. However, since his seat won a 30.16% majority (off the top of my head), then he could still live to fight another day. Especially in red Birmingham. Although, it seems the upper echeons of all the political parties are keeping their mouths shut and turning a blind eye to the events!

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