Girls Aloud to Spread the Word

Tony Blair may now be feeling the firm hand of the law on his sweaty collar, the Stevens Report may be telling us what everyone except Mohammed Al-Fayed has always known about the Diana Crash, but the big news today is in fact the foray into politics by the ladies' popular music combo Girls Aloud!

They've told politicians to stop 'trying to be cool'; Ms. Cole has said she doesn't fancy David Cameron (he said he fancied her the most when asked in a recent interview); and they have exclusively revealed they once met Gordon Brown.....but it might, on reflection, have been John Reid, they're not sure.

They are anti-war, pro-grammar school and pro-high taxation. And they think politicians should stick to trying to run the country while bands like, well, themselves, go into schools to spread the word. That way, politics need never be boring. As band member Nicola Roberts said, watching politicians can be dull - "It's boring. No 18-year-old wants to watch Gordon Brown doing his whole speech - turn it over!" Whereas listening to the masterminds behind that complex musical composition 'Love Machine' talk politics will enlighten us all. Genius.


Anonymous said…
i wouldn't mind girls aloud teaching my politics lessons.

your days are numbered marshall
Anonymous said…
Says Cheryl Cole:

"You know that basically Labour is the working-class and the Conservatives are the really kind of upper-class, and then everything else is...I have no idea. I only vote Labour because me mam does."
gm said…
That ms. cole - she's got my vote!!
chris wotton said…
Damn - you beat me to it. Just e-mailed this to you!

Petty Political Broadcasts in ad breaks could be good, but between EastEnders, not Coronation Street - I can't watch it without going mad at all the northeners!
Anonymous said…
Fantastic never saw this quote from Geri "doesn't she look awfully skinny these days" Halliwell:

"We Spices are true Thatcherites. Thatcher was the first Spice Girl. For now, we're desperately worried about the slide to a single currency."

Iron Spice?

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