L6 Film Visit

We will be going to see the 1325 showing of 'Taking Liberties' at the Panton Street Odeon. Given the timing, we will need to leave during period 5, but for most of you that is a PS lesson so not a problem. I will issue arrangements to everyone tomorrow and Friday if necessary, but it's pretty straightforward. The earlier start time does of course mean we will be finished earlier!


Lord Milky said…
Wasting time, I thought I'd check your links out. Not the political ones you must understand - the homemade ones. What have your students been smoking?

Oh, and talking of politics, have a look at this: http://clairwil.blogspot.com/2007/06/britblog-round-up.html
Top link, natch.
Chris said…
Which students eh? Leftyranters and Dalyplaneters, do you mean?

By the way, GM...you're famous - http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/news/archives/2007/05/22/cameron_v_the_tory_blogosphere.html
C H Daly said…
Meh he's 'famous' when he goes international. Got to hurry back to my new layout and readers in Prague naturally!
Lord Milky said…
The people of Prague cannot read English. For I was their teacher.

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