What's the Difference?

Huhne and Clegg have agreed with each other a lot, and heaped praise upon the previous, ousted leaders of the Liberal Democrats on Question Time. The question has been raised as to what the difference is between them, and David Dimbleby has become increasingly frustrated at the level of agreement between the two of them. So due credit to Huhne for remarking that 'We are trying to be leader of the same party'! Nice touch, but is the LD party really as homogenous as its leadership contenders?


Reason said…
I believe the difference is the colour tie which they wear.
Jeremy Paxman said…
From the question time special, i felt it was clear that Huhne was the one with more depth in policy and discussion, even if he is a bit boring. Clegg is two much like Cameron. Futhermore his suit jacket was too big as well as having annoying hands, which ultimately is very important.

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