Yet Another Bad Day for Gordon

The Major administration had the whiff of decay hanging around it for years as it lurched from crisis to crisis throughout almost the entirety of its final five year term. But at least Major had a couple of years to enjoy the premiership as a breath of fresh air from his predecessor, and went on to win his own, albeit reduced, mandate in the 1992 general election. Brown's honeymoon as the new man has lasted barely a summer, and the smell of decline is already here.

As if Northern Rock and 25 million lost names weren't enough, the Labour Party's old problem of how it raises its money is back again. The premier himself is not, of course, responsible for the minutiae of fund-raising by his party - although his predecessor was of course questioned by the Met over some allegedly dubious practices regarding money and honours - but it is hardly helping his very conscious image to be repelling yet more stories of either incompetence or dastardly dealing on the part of an organisation of which he is the head. Whether it's HM Govt. or the Labour Party, Gordo isn't making the impact he wanted.

The BBC story and a long list of associated articles is here.
Guido Fawkes, on his blog, is much more damning of Labour General Secretary Peter Watt's role than some others, in his post here.


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