Does Piers Morgan want to be Brown's Alastair Campbell?

A brief musing, but one brought on by Piers Morgan going well beyond the call of duty in his valiant defence of Gordon Brown on this evening's Question Time. Morgan was at times more effective than the hapless government representative, the ever cheerful Hazel Blears. While everyone else is painting Gordon Brown's week in - once again - rather pessimistic terms, there was Piers telling us we'd got it all wrong, Gordon Brown was bestriding the world stage and doing everything right. And at times, if you suspended belief, you could almost find him convincing.

If Morgan is going after the job of Brown's spinner-in-chief, then the precedent is good - after all, Campbell, too, was a former Mirror journalist with a keen understanding of tabloid ways. So, Piers Morgan for Director of Communications? Watch this space.


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