The Good, the Bad and the Slightly Dull.....

...and that was just the morning sessions. The annual L6th. Politics Conference provided students with a chance, as ever, to hear some political 'big names' enlighten us with their thoughts, or at any rate engage in some slightly less illuminating Q and A sessions. The Big Three were the first speakers - worthy but rather empty Oliver Letwin, passionate but flawed Tony Benn, and the simply obnoxious George Galloway, a man who would make Narcissus seem a model of self-deprecating modesty. The afternoon brought Theresa May (not heard by this author) and the all-round entertainment guru Lembit Opik. He played the harmonica. Sort of a substitute for real political thought.

More on the speeches later....


David Carnell said…
Blimey, first an attack on women in parliament and now an attack on the lack of illuminating speakers.

Perhaps you should calll Central Office and get yourself back on that "A" list - I hear they put anyone on that.

Who were you expecting by the way? Churchill? Disraeli? Which modern politician is this bastion of ideological integrity and verbose wit who you seek to illuminate a bunch of malcontent, L6th - who are only there to see if any of the girls from other schools are fit?!
D Carnell said…
By the way, what's the new deputy head like? A woman so I hear. Harman-esque?

If you can't say in public or you'd fancy a catch-up over a pint or three drop me an email to

Good stuff.
Anonymous said…
Gallaway was a half-witted arrogant egotistical pig and i hope some day he has to face a taliban firing squad because that is all that he deserves.

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