Mayor Boris?

At this early stage on election night (11.35pm) the - admittedly biased - website Conservative Home has already done it's own assessment of the day's voting, and called the London Mayoral election for Boris Johnson. I gather from Sky News that we may not actually find out the real result until late afternoon tomorrow, while the BBC's News 24 anchor says the London count is so 'tight' that nothing leaks out about likely results. This could make the evening rather duller, although I should dutifully note that much of the rest of the country are voting for a range of local council seats, electing councillors who not even their neighbours would recognise in the local Asda.


medibot said…
The coverage has been rather dull as it became so clear so early that Labour were in for a smashing but there was no real big hitters to hold out for.

Still, at least you all got to have a say.

Such is my level of genius, having managed to miss being old enough for the last general election by a week or two i have now managed to become an official resident of Brighton just in time to not be allowed to vote in the London Elections.

Marvellous. How long can Gordon hang on until he has to call an election?

Wouldn't mind actually getting the opportunity to vote one of these days...

GM said…
Bad luck on missing it again - how is Brighton??
medibot said…
Well it's Sunny and there are lots of Guardian readers to argue the toss with.

I've yet to meet one who could tell me a Boris policy to go with their anyone but Boris arguments but that's pigheaded ignorance for you :o)

Livens up the afternoon pint of mild anyway. Although at £2.60 I can assure you the beer tax increase has done more damage than the 10p tax rate hoo hah ever will.

Still delightfully unemployed despite going for near enough everything up to but not yet including prostitution.

And they wonder why the job centre is so busy on dole day...

Nothing like unemployment to get me all political again!
D Carnell said…
It appears to have been a disastrous night for Labour. I cling to vain hope that Ken has scraped a win to provide some salvation.

The Party now needs to rapidly recognise its problems and deal with them. Otherwise Gordon Brown is rapidly turning into John Major. All we need him to do now is have an affair with a junior colleague!

A dark day indeed. You should be a very happy man today, Giles.
consultant said…
I agree with Mr Carnell, apart from on his very last point. No Londoner should be happy at the election of a bigoted, homophobic, racist Etonian toff as their mayor. If Johnson has indeed won I very much look forward to four years of gloating at all those who voted for him as we watch while he undermines everything that has made London great. Bitter consolation given what we stand to lose, but it's going to be fun nonetheless.
GM said…
I am, I am.......although why do I still have the niggling doubt that Boris winning may yet be the start of many problems???
GM said…
And I appear to have crossed the net-waves with consultant, which is always a pleasure!
consultant said…
Indeed it is. Just waiting in the hotel lobby for my transfer to Malaga airport. Have had a wonderful week "working" in sunny Spain - I hear the weather in London meanwhile has been less than fantastic? I'm hoping they announce the result before I fly back, so I can put in to action my plan to stay here permanently if necessary!
pcsolotto said…
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