Tamsin the Toff

The Labour candidate in Crewe and Nantwich has expended lots of time and leaflets attacking the Tory candidate for being a 'toff'. Apparently, she's the one listed in 'Burke's Peerage', not him.....

Meanwhile, watching the Newsnight programme on the by-election, with its live audience of authentic voters, I'm not sure which is more irritating...Paxman, with his increasingly sneering, self-righteous and hectoring questioning, or the pathetic inability of seasoned politicians (on the panel - Hoon, Gove and Cable) to make adequate responses. Hoon is one of the most wretched Cabinet performers around, weak, spineless and utterly incapable of levelling with anyone, dependent as he is on a dissembling script prepared by Labour HQ. Gove is, at best, an intellectual naive, unable to communicate straightforwardly with voters and patronising interviewers alike, wearing his look of eternal bewilderment, while good old Uncle Vince is trying to get by with as few words as possible lest he undermine his much vaunted credibility. As for the candidates, the Tory didn't turn up (probably the best decision of the evening), while Dunwoody and the carpet-bagging Liberal woman were truly dismal spokeswomen for their parties.


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