Brown's Lies

Tony Blair used to be considered a bit of a past master at the art of what, for want of a better word, we might call lying, but Gordon Brown seems willing to take dissembling to new heights. This is the prime minister who once stated he was withdrawing a given number of troops from Iraq, amidst much fanfare, and then quite failed to do so. Well, on the Spectator blog, Fraser Nelson has provided a detailed analysis of Brown's PMQ announcements, to devastating effect. As he says, just as Brown's jokes aren't funny, his facts clearly aren't to be taken seriously.


consultant said…
Yawn. Can Fraser Nelson not find something better to do than cheap semantic and statistical nit picking?

Meanwhile the Tories find themselves embroiled in yet another expenses scandal. It turns out Tory MPs have been funding a party political campaigning resource group out of their parliamentary expense allowances. Using expenses for party political reasons is of course forbidden, and Labour's equivalent of the Tory PRU is funded by MPs out of their salaries, not their expenses.

I thought I'd bring this to your attention Giles, you having witnessed first hand recently the fine calibre of individuals this particular unit employs!

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