No Blogging

Summertime and long teachers' holidays equals no blogging until September.


consultant said…
Are you suggesting that you only find time to blog when you're supposed to be working?
Anonymous said…
Or that he is as equally lazy as MPs!
Anonymous said…

Apologies for posting this as a comment, but I couldn't find a contact form or email address.

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Anthony Butcher
ben ross said…
I cant believe you havent even come back to blog on the david miliband story. Ridiculous giles.
GM said…
I'm on holiday and confining myself to gloating over such headlines as 'Labour at War' in the ever reliable Torygraph!
Giles, have contacted our absinthe loving friend regarding the header. I'll let you know when he gets back to me. Communication from Tooting is difficult, after all.

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