Too Little Comfort for Cameron

The two stories linked opposite, by Andrew Rawnsley on Politics Home, and Nick Robinson at the BBC, both illustrate the continuing problem for David Cameron as he tries to work out the best position for the Tories in the present crisis. Robinson starts his assessment pithily - "David Cameron can't say I told you so, because he didn't"! ConservativeHome, meanwhile reports an ICM poll that suggests little change in Brown's polling since his rescue plan was announced, although an earlier poll reported by them shows the Tories with an 8% lead - given that they enjoyed double digit leads before their Conference, this is hardly good news either! The First Post's 'Mole', incidentally, comments that the YouGov poll (reported by ConHome) would actually result not in a Tory majority but, given the way in which the electoral system currently works against the Tories, a hung parliament instead.


R said…
Osbourne didn't help with his antics on friday. Silly man, There is nothing wrong with bending the truth: just not in such a blindingly obvious way, especially not when your party is already on the back foot
Comrade MAjor said…
And never mind the sleaze that seems to plaguing all parties lately. Deripaska was a problem for Mandelson, now he's a problem for Osbourne...

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