A Very Serious Meeting

Courtesy of Sky's Joey Jones, this is the Press Association's report of today's Cabinet meeting in full:

"In London the Cabinet meeting broke up after about an hour and a half. Foreign Secretary David Miliband, emerging from Number 10, said: "These are very serious times. We take them very seriously."

Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon echoed his comments, saying: "It was a serious meeting."


consultant said…
With Mandelson back, it's not surprising that cabinet ministers are pushing a particular line. Everyone knows this is a very serious situation, but every time someone uses the word the voters are reminded that Brown and his cabinet are serious politicians, whilst Cameron & Co. are a joke of a side show.

The ambitious bail-out announced this morning sends a message that the government is in control. It is superior to the American solution and could, eventually, lead to a profit for the taxpayer. More than once this crisis has been referred to as Brown's Falklands; that assessment is looking more reasonable all the time.

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