The Daily Show - In England!!

At last! At last! America's pre-eminent liberal satirist, the nightly appearing Jon Stewart, is finally watchable to UK afficonados without the bother of making 34 different adjustments to your operating software.

Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" is making clips from Stewart's programme available for watching on UK computers and not before time. Stewart's liberal bias makes him a scourge of the Republicans, but his real ire is aimed at the increasing lunacy of America's competitive and crowded news programmes. Take at look at some of the clips currently being offered from recent programmes - particular favourites are his 'Republican Box of Chocolates' spoof, and the 'Commission Impossible' lambasting of fake Republican anger at Obama's most recent recess appointment.


Anonymous said…
But it is still only clips, rather then full shows ...

The modify headers plugin with the Firefox browser will get you onto Comedy Central US without messing around with your OS

... which means that you'll get to watch the Colbert Report too.
GM said…
True, although apparently they are looking to make full programmes available on their new UK site soon.

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