Ed Miliband's Calm

I'm impressed by the sense of calm that apparently dominates Ed Miliband's office at the moment, at least if today's Guardian interview is anything to go by. He's got his troubles in perspective (a tweet's a tweet and occasionally people make typos after all), had a relaxing Christmas, isn't worried about Lord Glasman (not many people are) and comes across for all the world as if he's really riding quite high. I do quite like the willingness to ignore the frenzy around you - it bespeaks a certain sort of self-confidence that is a prerequisite for political, and indeed other, leaders. But there is always the danger that Miliband's Zen-like calm might also indicate an insularity so great that he has no hope of leading a successful Labour charge. If he's not fussed by the current furores over palpably foolish things, perhaps he hasn't quite understood the situation?

I did rather like Telegraph blogger David Knowles' tweet earlier -

Ed Miliband: "I will not be Ramsay MacDonald". Very true. Ramsay MacDonald was Prime Minister of three governments.

And that, in the end, is the dilemma for Ed Miliband; for all his preternatural calmness, is he capable of leading Labour to victory?


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