Knacker's Calling, Friedman Isn't

A couple of major stories for very different reasons appear to have broken this evening. John Yates of the Met has indicated that the investigation into cash for honours is reaching a significant stage, with his claim that "significant and valuable material" has been obtained. Blair apparently has his defence ready!

Also today, the death of New Right economics guru Milton Friedman has been announced, so plenty of retrospective material for the A2 students to pore over can be expected in the next few days.

Finally, French politics is calling - tonight the socialist party decides whether to nominate Segolene Royal as their first woman candidate for president. She's popular, and could win the presidency, but is considered to be very shallow on policy. Didn't do Blair any harm!


Lestaki said…
Politics is about personality, far more than we'd like it to be. Personally, I'd describe myself as having generally leftist leanings, though my political position is hardly defined, but Cameron interests me disproportionately to his policies or lack thereof as of yet. That is also tied to my tiredness with the current government, of course. So I don't see shallow on policy as a huge handicap for a potential leader, however good or bad that is in reality- you can almost certainly get elected on light policy. But this is certainly significant for France and the huge problems they are facing right now, with internationally less than acclaimed universities, an overly beauracratic and expensive welfare system and a general atmosphere of depression. After so long under Chirac, now is definately a time for something new.
C H Daly said…
Congrats to Royal: why is French politics just so much more exciting than British politics!? Chirac will face pages and pages of allegations when he leaves parliament (mainly embezzlement charges so I understand). We have Le Pen to watch growing and now Royal.

However, I understand that Royal so far has either been playing her cards very close to her chest or just not talking a lot about policy. The actual leadership campaign sounds horrendous with leaked videos, sexist allegations and more to boot!

With Hilary Clinton looking increasingly more likely to become a Presidential candidate, have we turned a corner as regards women in politics?

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