Michael Howard on Newsnight

Well, after today's showing of Paxman at his insufferable best, here's the infamous Howard interview, but as shown on Have I Got News For You, back in the days when they had the same host each week.


Anonymous said…
isn't this sweet, you've learnt how to put videos on your blog. congratulations.

maybe you could put up the video of blair mauling cameron, which was brilliant. why does our media have to make blair leave? he's the best politician we have!


put this youtube video on your silly blog
C H Daly said…

The slick haired, smooth-talking PR man's glossy .but utilmately superficial surface. is finally being unpeeled by Labour.
Chris Wotton said…
Why couldn't I have been in this politics group? Sounds like they're less of a bunch of fascists than our lot, that's all :-)
benny said…
are you referring to my class, aka as lets call marshall any name under the sun and start every lesson with a racist joke class?

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