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A few quick updates before venturing to put on some longer pieces. The stories worth investigating further are that Lords Reform will not, apparently, include removing hereditary or Life peers, so one wonders what, precisely will be the point of the reform. Different arcane procedures for debates, perhaps, maybe to give red squirrel defenders more time to outline their case?! Education, Education, Education is back as the PM's favourite mantra, this time with his announcement that A-levels will be made harder (by, erm introducing an A* grade - and that worked so well for GCSE) but we can do the International Baccalaureate instead if we want. And a Tory MP is urging Mr. Blair to apologise for Henry VIII's treatment of his wives....hmmm, suspect the whole apology thing might be being mocked there! However, since it's been started, I would be fascinated to hear of other apologies people think could be made! I certainly think Blair should apologise to all of us on behalf of Edward I for making a martyr of William Wallace and inflicting Mel Gibson as Braveheart on us all!


Lestaki said…
Plainly we must demand an apology from George W Bush for the malicious hunting of the mammoths that were genocidally cleansed all that time ago. Indeed, we should pass a law making mammoth cleansing denial illegal in order to stick one to America and intensify their anti-European feelings. Actually, my metaphor fails here- the deliberate antagonation of the Turkish that your French friends have been indulging in covers both a more relevant and tragic issue and an even more stupid attack on the oppertunity of a predominantly Muslim EU country. But I've wandered off topic.

The past is gone, but people still live in it, more's the pity.

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