Another Tory Policy - this time it's a new police force!

David Cameron has once again been developing his ever evolving policies. Today, he has announced plans to look at the setting up of a ‘border police’ to control Britain’s borders. This is one of his alternatives to the ID card scheme, which the Tories, finally admitting the logic of their liberal antecedents, are committed to scrapping. As ever, he has a big name to look into the policy implications – this time it is Lord Stevens, the former Met Police chief. The idea clearly has merit, particularly as it is aimed at an obvious problem – the arrival of undesirable elements into Britain by bypassing existing controls – and proposes rationalising a veritable smorgasbord of different agencies currently trying to deal with it (Inland Revenue, Customs, Immigration Service to name just three!).

Just as he moved in with ‘family’ comments in the wake of the South London teenage murders, so now Cameron is showing a pretty effective touch in dealing with domestic topics of high concern. He is not policy lite because he has no ideas – they are coming out at an increasing rate. He is policy lite because he doesn’t want to inhibit his room for manoeuvre in a dynamic political climate. A very Tory stance!


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