Burstow holds the Key to Coalition!

Well...nearly holds the key. Sir Menzies (Ming) Campbell has told the 'Times' today that he has asked his chief whip, Sutton's own Paul Burstow, to prepare a report on how coalition talks are held. Clearly, Sir Ming is ready for power! But only in coalition with one party. His 'Times' interview (here) makes it clear that he has no time for David Cameron, but likes both Blair and Brown. Happy to criticise both Cameron and the Tory Party in his interview, he notably refrained from any criticism of the likely next Prime Minister, currently residing at No.11. Mind you, Ming should look out. The other day ambitious Liberal front bencher Nick Clegg announced that we 'shouldn't write Ming off'. Unfortunately, until he mentioned it, no-one during the interview had done anything of the sort!


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