Failing our Children?

Despite the contretemps, I'm not sure the Unicef report publicised today about the well-being of the world's children really is much of a shock. We are well used, in the UK, to being told our society is more violent, less kind, and generally more deeply unpleasant than anyone else's. A quick read of the BBC report on the report (so to speak) reveals the usual array of outrage and shame, and calls for the government to do something. Quite what is left less well defined.

In fact, the answer is less to do with government action and more to do with the nature of families. That we are a two-nation society in terms of the existence of stable families is not in doubt (and no, this is not a crude 2-parent versus 1-parent analogy - 'stable' involves a range of factors not necessarily dependent on number of parents!). The report merely highlights how substantial is the 'non-family' nation. And if in doubt, just consider why Holland tops the league - fewer young mothers in work and better family life.


Lord Milky said…
Underage drink, sex, drugs and crime? Sounds like Britain is where the most fun is to be had!
medibot said…
It's interesting to note that in Holland EVERYBODY is in a sports club of some sort, be it Korfball, Football, Speed Skating or whatever.

You have a club, you have a loyalty, a place to go, a reason to exist, a point to your week be it playing or watching.

That can't fail to help.

As a side point i also know from hilarious experience that most young Dutch girls aren't too keen on the "English style" of chat up line.

To the day i die i will find the memory of my team mate getting slapped by the target of his affections at the post tournament party funny :o)

Naturally, being British i personally ended that night throwing up on the clubhouse patio...

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