Apocalyptic Fiction?

- Massive population displacement as a result of global warming;
- Urban wars fought in lawless mega-cities;
- High-tech conflicts fought on land, sea, in the air and in space;
- A selfish younger generation of Europeans supporting euthanasia to offset the costs of an aging population;
- Dictators increasing their life-spans with 'age-mitigation' drugs;
- And the middle-classes become the revolutionary class.

Subject matter from a particularly over-the-top futurist novel? Er, no actually. All of those scenarios appear in the nattily titled 'Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2037', as produced by that well known popular author, the MoD's Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre. So, if you want really apocalyptic forecasts, ditch the fiction, and just pick up your local MoD forecast! Read more in the First Post here!


Chris Wotton said…
Is it just me or does the First Post seem to run with a time delay of a couple of weeks? The Guardian ran this as their front page leader over the Easter weekend!
GM said…
Hmmm. You may be shattering my faith in the First Post!!
Chris Wotton said…
Ha! Don't get me wrong, some of their features are really worthy...the one you mentioned a while back about the under-reporting of an explosives find simply because the perputrator wasn't Muslim, for example, was fascinating as far as I was concerned, and incredibly revealing about our modern media. But I don't think they're the quickest journalists about...

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