Brown and Cameron in Shock Announcements

Gordon Brown was making headlines today with his shock announcement that the May elections are a verdict on the whole Labour party, and that he has played a small role in the government to date and is therefore partly responsible for whatever verdict may occur.

David Cameron, meanwhile, has challenged everyone with his belief that he has changed the Conservative Party for the better and is now in a position to win elections. The BBC reports his stunning views here.

On Saturday, meanwhile, the big news was that Folkestone was not destroyed by a minor earth tremor (full story and eyewitness account, go to the my space blog, linked opposite).

Oh, and elsewhere in the world, over a million Turks have rallied against their nominated president and in defence of the secular state; global rallies are being held about Darfur; the Israelie prime minister is under pressure to resign; Sri Lankan rebels have bombed the capital, Colombo; and Iran will be joining the US at a conference to discuss stabilising Iraq.

You will find the new link to Al Jazeera News, a global concern, in the list opposite.


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