Dumbing Down Question Time

The worst decision taken by 'Question Time's' producers was to have a celeb non-politician on the panel. Tonight it's an actress called Jan Ravens, who has just managed a supremely inarticulate answer on Gordon Brown and pensions. After saying she goes to sleep at the mention of pensions, she burbled something about inflation and then managed 'Gordon Brown's been really good'. And that's the limit of her profound political insight. There are politics set members who could do better....!!

The wretched Ravens continued to cover herself in ignominy with what fellow panellist Bruce Anderson rightly called 'cheap and nasty' comments about the Royal Family, whom one presumes she's never met. There was also, however, a good question about whether, following the Des Browne survival, the doctrine of individual ministerial responsibility was dead. Sadly, the collective wisdom of the panel failed really to deal with this issue, although Ed Miliband did manage to suggest that he thought it wasn't dead, but that you couldn't expect ministers to resign over every mistake made. Which isn't really the issue, is it.


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