Friday, May 11, 2007

AS Revision Lessons

No formal lessons next week, but there will be a 'drop-in' session Tuesday, May 15th., periods 1 and 2.

NEW UPDATE: The Wednesday session has had to be cancelled. Thursday's will happen as noted below.

Week Beginning Monday 21st. May:
Tuesday 22nd. - period3 - Democracy and Elections from Unit1
Wednesday 23rd. - periods 4 and 5 - Parties from Unit 1; Unit 3 overview - Cancelled.
Thursday 24th. - periods 2 and 3 - The Executive and PArliament, from Unit 2

Half Term session for L6 Politics will be on the Tuesday (May 29th.), in the Sixth Form Centre, 9.30 - 4. Timetable to be published towards the end of next week.

History revision sessions are on the history blog.


Anonymous said...

Will it be ok if i turn up to the relevant sessions.

-Chris Benjamin

GM said...

Absolutely. Go ahead.