Devolution Politics

There was a brief moment yesterday when I thought that Wales was going to give us another, even more glorious example of the impact of PR in the devolution elections. There was talk of a 'rainbow coalition' to replace Labour, comprising the Welsh Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru, and, yes, the Welsh Tories. Rumour had it that whilst Welsh Tory leader Nick Bourne was keen on the idea - scenting power is a somewhat heady smell for Tories these days - his London boss, Mr. Cameron, was distinctly unkeen. Anyway, it looks today as if the Welsh Lib Dems are the ones who are going to pull out first, and prevent this fascinating political project from taking off. So no new conclusions for AS students after all.

I'm not entirely surprised by the LD decision though - they have had their fingers burned by being part of an unpopular coalition in Scotland with Labour, and by associating so clsoely with Labour in Wales. Time they took a break from coalition building really.


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