The Battle Lines

Gordon Brown and David Cameron have both been keen to draw the battle lines over the economic debate today. David Cameron launched his party's new ad campaign in London this morning, concentrating the message on the debt that Brown's government is ratcheting up. Every child born today is born owing £17,000 in debt, runs the tagline. (Part of the poster is shown left, as taken from the Conservative Home site - click on the image to go to their page.)

Gordon Brown, meanwhile, has been keen to allay fears about unemployment. Hosting a jobs "summit" - and he is very keen on summits - Brown announced government plans to ensure that all long-term unemployed people are given a boost into work. The government have also been keen to align the Brown plans with those of Barack Obama, perhaps hoping that the lustre of the new president will rub off on them. The Tories are certainly pretty lonely in not proposing fiscal stimulus policies, but there are times when a bit of political courage pays off.

And click here for a conservative commentator's view of the Obama-Brown parallels.


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