Plane Stupid? Perhaps Not.

More Pressure Group news from the lovely people at Plane Stupid. Newsnight featured a debate between a 'Plane Stupid' spokesman and a spokesman for the opposing group, 'Heathrow Future'. If you can acces the programme either on BBC iplayer or on the Newsnight website, try and watch the segment dealing with the great runway issue (it's about 25 minutes in). It's also been revealed that 'Plane Stupid' have been the beneficiaries of a Greenpeace campaign to buy up land where the Heathrow runway is to be built - amongst those doing the buying are actress Emma Thompson. Publicity stunt? Genuinely creative attempt to thwart the planners? To say nothing of the allied action of two pressure groups - plenty of grist to the mill for those looking for up to date material on the topic.


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