Clarke - Outside the Tent, As Ever

David Cameron has apparently been wondering whether to bring Ken Clarke into the Big Tent of formal Opposition front-bench activity. Undaunted by the prospect of shadowing a post he once held in government, Clarke has ensured further wavering on the part of Dave by going public with his view that "Anybody who stands for election on a platform of tax cuts is asking for trouble." And, of course, he has chosen the Guardian, that well known repository of Tory values, to advertise his views. It is, of course, as well known as Clarke's once possible return that Cameron might be toying with the idea of promising tax cuts, and that George Osborne positively salivates over them!


Comrade Major said…
Case in point, that the greatest economist in the political sphere (apart from Vince Cable), and by far the best that the Tories has got doesn't specifically deny that what Our Benevolent Overlord is doing is the wrong thing. In fact he states, that the Tories position is wrong. Anyway, just to say that perhaps the most Keanesian (and perhaps, ironically, the most capitalist) way out of such a recession is by spending out.

Although I'd perhaps agree with what's Obama doing rather that Our Great Leader is (wasting money on public projects will be much more useful to the country than just handing it out as loans on minimal interest rates)...

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