Another Question Time Lynching

First question tonight was whether a new Speaker would change our attitude to parliament. If there's one thing worse than a bunch of cheating MPs, it's the hysterical outrage of the equally flawed members of the voting public who would never dream of putting themselves forward for anything. We've had two classic audience interventions of angry old blokes slagging off MPs. Now I think a large number of MPs are pretty mediocre, and many of them have been grasping and seriously lacking in judgement. But instead of just carping from the cheap seats, the tabloid reading angry old blokes should get off their backsides and try standing for something themselves. At least MPs have had some concept of public service, and have sought to devote themselves to a vocation that is intended to serve others, even if those original ideals have become somewhat besmirched.


David Bartlett said…
Yeah it's gotten pretty boring. Every question was just some inane babble about where 'our money is going'

The only sensible comment was when one women said if any person has the possibility to exploit a system they are likely to do it.

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