Cameron's Brave New World

David Cameron is keeping the pressure up on his parliamentary party, announcing today that as a result of the internal scrutiny exercise, Tory MPs will be paying back £125,000 into the public purse to go some way to 'atoning' for the mistakes of the past. Cameron has, I think, hit the right note with the public, but his parliamentary party loathe him for it, and many of them are furious at his betrayal of their interests. They are also running scared - who will be the next person persuaded to announce thatt hey are standing down for the next election? So extraordinary has been the impact of the expenses scandal on the Tories, that Cameron's high command are looking at losing up to 100 of their existing 193 MPs. Talk about starting again in government - most of their ministers will have barely had time to try out the green benches before they're whisked off to government offices.

The Telegraph's Benedict Brogan considers the Cameron purge - at least in part the result of the efforts of Brogan's own paper - here.


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