Another Resignation

Gordon Brown must be getting used to dealing with contentious ministerial resignations by now, and actually, Eric Joyce's departure is not in itself particularly significant - he was only a PPS after all, on the lowest rung of the government ladder, even if it was PPS to the Defence Secretary. No, Gordon Brown's real issue is the continued aspersions cast on his abilities to lead Britain's war effort effectively. Nick Robinson considers this in one of his posts today, contending that Brown is scared of losing the support of the military, and of proving incapable of making a convincing argument for staying in Afghanistan.

A failure to make the case for al-Megrahi's release, a failure to defend his government's provision of defence equipment to his troops, a failure to make the case for continued involvement in Afghanistan. So lacking across all these issues is Gordon Brown that we could be forgiven for wondering whether he really believes in them himself.


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